Web Design Dubai

About Web Design

The design of each site should be unique and stylish, but not only. It should be clear and easy to your target audience, should create a good impression at first sight. After all, as you know, meet on clothes. That is why we are creating a website design that fully satisfy your needs. Work process consists of several stages.


  • Briefing

Website design begins with the brief. Our studio manager “pull” of you all the information on how you would like to see your site, and what effect it should produce. What is your target audience, what goals you set for the site. In addition, the manager will take into account all the wishes of the colors and style of your future website.

  • Prototype development site

After gathering the necessary information to compile the technical site template (prototype site). It is a set of pages describing the essential elements of the site. Choose the style of the future site. All this will help you better navigate, imagine how it will look your site. At this point you will be able to make their wishes into the design.

  • Development of detailed page layouts

After the approval of your site prototype, the designer proceeds to direct, detailed design. This is a real page layout, with all the names and the elements.
We work in the field of design and development for quite some time and know exactly how a particular format of the site will be convenient for visitors. It depends on the efficiency of the whole site.

The final design of the site is in the format Adobe Photoshop. If this will be necessary, our specialists will stylistic quality layout template. At this stage of the development process of site design ends. Further work on it in your hands take programmers, content managers (more about the service of building sites) and optimizers. From their work depends on it, what colors sparkle created by the joint efforts of the website, it will be served to your visitors how much he will be attending.


We have a range of business solutions for:

  • Promotional Sites
  • Marketing (Newsletter applications, link management, Search Engine Marketing Google Adwords monitoring)
  • Trading
  • E-Commerce
  • Art Gallery and Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Accommodation

The skills, and size, to custom build virtually any project.

Our team will ensure that your website has custom designed functions which are suited to both your business type and your target market. All our applications are designed in-house which means they can be customized to fit your individual needs.