Site Redisign Dubai

About Site Redisign

A site redesign is a change to the old graphic design site to a new, more relevant and modern. The redesign of the website from time to time held by all companies, keeping up with the times.

A redesign can be as subtle (change in the smoothness of lines, adjusting color, removing or adding some graphical elements) and totally radical (a totally new style, completely different color, design principles, etc.).

The main goal of the redesign was to reflect the current views of the company, highlight new achievements, improve the self-presentation of the brand to a new level of communication with the user.

Over time, even developed by professionals style obsolete, change the social position of the company, developing structure and customer service. To meet the demands of the time, it is necessary to regularly update and complement the corporate image, to leave behind unwanted items, replacing them with fresh, relevant ideas.

Process Site Redisign

Site Redisign

4 reasons, when it’s time to change the design:

  • The design of The site has not changed for the last 4-6 years
  • Website has non-unique template design, as on many other sites
  • Resource looks not up-to-date or worse than the one of competitors
  • The site does not attract customers and does not bring profit

Redesign includes:

  • Update the site engine to the latest version
  • Building a responsive version of the site
  • Change the design, structure and navigation of the site for maximum user convenience and simplification of search robots
  • Accommodation on the site of modern methods of interaction with visitors (for example a button callback, the popup window “online Advisor”)

When developing a web design site includes:

  • The design should match the General idea of the site and solve site problems
  • It needs to draw attention to themselves, to be original, creative
  • All necessary information must be placed in the most convenient and intuitive
  • Competent navigation throughout the web site
  • Maximum focus of the design of the site to a potential visitor.

Result Process Site Redisign

List of works

  • Completely new design, transferred to your entire website
  • Detailed study of the template for internal pages, as well as product cards
  • Suitable for sites with a template design, sites with individual design, requiring updates and large online shopping
  • The analysis of the market, sites of competitors, revealing of weak places of competitors. We take into account the market trends and the shortcomings of competitors in the new design
  • Analysis of usability. We analyze what it is bad now, and we make a site user-friendly. We are working on improving behavioral factors (failure rate, viewing depth, etc.)
  • Semantic Design. Choose the keywords for the pages of the site, distribute which pages on which keywords are best to promote. If necessary, we will correct the structure of the site
  • Reframe of the main page. Helps to visually show the concept of redesign
  • Guarantees the improvement of behavioral factors and conversion
  • Selling text for the main page
  • Design of the main page. We will develop a modern design that will appeal to the target audience of the site
  • Design of a typical internal page. Usually the internal page differs from the Main page, so it is worth reviewing it separately
  • Product card design. A merchandise card is a selling page; it must be developed with the utmost care
  • Layout of templates for CMS. Cross-browser layout and configuration of CMS, on the agreement, we can replace the old design with a new one on the whole site
  • Adaptive layout. Correct display on all types of devices, including mobile devices
  • Any refinement we can do on your request for an extra charge. Whether you need a calculator, a news section, a filter of goods, recycling of a basket or something else – just inform us