Crowd Marketing Dubai

About Crowd-Marketing

This is a set of activities to promote and maintain the popularity of the site on the web, improving reputation, SERM. A secure alternative to SEO links.

We will find out on which sites your potential customers can be, we will communicate with them – write reviews, give recommendations, work with the negative; in general, we will do everything to get to know you and turn them into your customers

The Process Of Crowd-Marketing

Very often:

  • Information about your company is immediately reacted
  • The interlocutors themselves are asked to tell who should be contacted (of course, we will advise you)
  • We speak about your experience or the experience of your customers (if you have no consumer experience yet, we are testing your product / service)

We are looking for fresh discussions on the topic, or we create discussions on the topic ourselves, after that we gently offer to look at the information on your website.

Two parameters are important for selecting a site: the presence of your target audience (only live resources) and the relevance of the discussion (last activity no more than 1 month ago). That is all! It is not important whether the keyword is used or not, it is important to bring the target audience to your site

The Result Is A Crowd-Marketing

  • Will work on PR and SERM (reputation improvement)
  • Will attract targeted traffic
  • Pushes to purchase
  • Increase the popularity of the site and the brand awareness
  • 100% *organic links
  • Improve the visibility of the site in the issuance
  • Improves the site’s link profile
  • Secure the site from search engine sanctions

Who will approach crowd-marketing?

  • Online shopping
  • A business providing services
  • Startups
  • Content projects
  • Online services