Contextual Ads Dubai

About Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a type of Internet advertising in which the advertisement is displayed in accordance with the content, context Internet pages (lat. contextus — connection, connection).

Contextual advertising acts selectively and displayed to the visitors of the web page, field of interest which potentially matches/intersects with the theme of the advertised product or service, target audience, increasing the likelihood of their response to ads.

To determine the compliance of the promotional material page of the Internet site usually uses the principle of keywords. Keyword oriented and search engine. Therefore, contextual advertising is more likely to be shown to the consumer who uses the Internet to search for information about products or services.

Almost all search engines on the Internet make use of contextual advertising for profit (for example, the advertising network is Google AdWords, which is the source of income of Google). Contextual advertising system allows you to place ads on pages with search results for specific keywords; sites that have established units of contextual advertising on their pages and in mobile applications.


Analysis of niche and setup

  • We study business, advertised goods and services, presentation regions, your requirements
  • We analyze the site, competitors
  • We single out a unique trade offer
  • Selecting keywords
  • We compose negative keyword lists for the campaign
  • We write relevant headlines for each phrase, compose effective ads
  • Add links to a relevant page for each ad
  • Set up geographic and time targeting
  • Choose the mode of presentation
  • Create multiple eligible ad groups for presentation
  • We select phrases, areas depending on the chosen category
  • We compose text and image ads (we develop banners)
  • We exclude not suitable platforms for display of announcements
  • The agreed campaign is uploaded to the advertising system
  • Fill all the necessary settings (targeting, display mode, budget constraints, schedule and frequency of presentation, etc.)
  • Set bets to go to the first page
  • Add extensions (phone numbers, additional links with descriptions, refinements)
  • Tracking statistics, budget expenditure
  • Add negative keywords
  • Disabling presentation on inefficient sites
  • Correction of texts, headings
  • Disabling ineffective and adding new phrases
  • Adding new small campaigns (remarketing, competitor campaigns, brand new product, special offer, etc.)
  • Compilation of monthly reports on statistical indicators (quantitative data, user behavior)
  • Recommendations for improving the site, based on statistics


  • Attracting new customers

AdWords helps to increase Internet sales, the number of calls to the office, to attract new visitors to the website and build a dedicated audience

  • Global and local advertising

Target customers from specific countries, regions, cities or just within a specified distance of your company or shop

  • Coverage of the target audience at the right time

Users will see information about your company when they are looking for in Google your offered goods or services

  • Advantages of choosing the setting made by our company

The site is shown only to the customers that are interested in this product
First users will see your ad in 3 days
Payment only for the actual visit of the client your website
We work only in professional interfaces

  • In each campaign, we always use additional tricks: quick links, images, graphic ads, company card, etc

We compose conversion ads
Our ads are 2 times faster and successfully undergo moderation
If we took up the work, in 99% of the cases the campaign will be approved. If the campaign does not approved, we will refund 100%
We estimate the return on investment
On average, all advertising costs pay off in 2-3 months. We give you full access to statistics so that you can see for yourself how things are going or show other specialists.