Audit site Dubai

About Audit Site

A website audit is a service that is needed in almost every website, whether commercial or non-commercial website, news portal or directory. The report is a description of those or other problems, and recommended action for each item. Need these services immediately prior to search engine optimization completely by removing all the errors of the website, the confidence in bringing it to the first position of search engines in shortest time. When we analyse web-resource for compliance with all standards and requirements of search engine optimization and you will receive the report, implementation of recommendations will affect your position in search engines, as well as on the behavioral factors of the site.

Through the comprehensive analysis of the site, you will be able to monitor your contractor, obtain an understanding of the problems and prospects of development of your website on the Internet, to increase quality and targeted traffic from the search engine Google (after the implementation of the display after the SEO audit recommendations and technical specifications).

What you get: recommendations for improving the site from the technical side, technical specifications (depending on identified problems), guidelines for working and building the reference environment, the audit of the performance of Your website compared with indicators of main competitors (available when you specify the sites of competitors).


Within each audit you will receive:

  • Specific solutions

You will receive clear recommendations on how to fix the problems of SEO and usability on the site.

  • Long-term result

The changes made to the audit will work on your site all the time.

Our report is a ready-made technical assignment for website development for webmasters and programmers.

  • Only the most important information
  • Information support

We will explain for each point of the report why the improvement will make your site better.

  • We will answer all audit questions
  • Guaranteed result

We guarantee increased conversion and improved PF.

We’ll check:

  • The presence of the site in the Google index (number of pages)
  • Presence of filters and sanctions preventing the promotion
  • Correctness of meta tags filling: title, description, keywords (check on the whole site, 20 pages in the report)
  • Correctness of filling in tags that are important for promotion: H1, H2, alt (check on the entire site, 20 pages in the report)
  • The uniqueness of the texts (we selectively check 3 pages)
  • Check for spam (up to 5 pages)
  • Availability and correctness of robots.txt filling
  • Availability and correctness of site map for robots
  • Mirroring site mirrors
  • Page loading speed
  • The correctness of server responses (404 and 200)
  • The validity of the HTML code
  • Checking the convenience of browsing on mobile devices
  • Checking for broken links and duplicates
  • Check for viruses and malicious scripts
  • Correctness of page encoding
  • Checking the CNC links
  • Checking the re-linking
  • Presence of semantic marking


What you get:

  • Improving behavioral factors
  • Users stay longer on the site, less likely to leave
  • The site is ranked in the best way
  • Search engines see that the site is developing, assigning it the best places
    Increased traffic
  • Users see the site in the results of the search engines, they often go to the site
  • Sales growth
  • People like the site, they trust the company, they often order

Usability and characteristics

  • Main page: compliance with business objectives, understandability, brevity
  • Interactivity: visibility, convenience and predictability of the behavior of site elements
  • Navigation: the availability and correctness of the work of basic elements, the consistency of the information structure
  • Site design: structural, logical, attractive, uniform, consistent with design principles
  • Content: accessibility, uniqueness and consistency of texts, quality of images and other content
  • Product card: selling structure, availability of mandatory elements
  • The process of ordering goods: placing the goods in the basket, placing the order
  • Forms and dialogues: assessment of convenience, correctness of work
  • Behavioral factors
  • Setting up and installing Google Analytics systems (optional)
  • The analysis of attendance and the level of performance of visitors
  • Analysis of all traffic sources and identification of effective and inefficient sources
  • Conversion analysis. If the goals are not configured, or configured incorrectly – we will do as it should be
  • Analysis of mobile traffic and identification of problems with the display of the site on mobile devices