Articles Promotion Dubai

About Promotion Articles

Promotion of stations is already linking to the promoted website on other websites.

The popularity of a website is largely determined by posted textual information. It attracts a lot of loyal people to the site and is identificireba robots search engines. Therefore, the promotion of web resource quality content is the surest way to achieve online success.

Our team consists of professional analysts and SEO specialists who are always ready to help you in your task to promote in the search engines. If you don’t want to delve into the intricacies of SEO, all the work will take on a personal Manager.

Additionally, we can agree on placing the article on local media resources, both printed and online.

The Process Of Article Promotion

  • Placing articles on third-party sites (article promotion) – allow you to get into the TOP with the help of texts!
  • Growth of positions and traffic from search engines and article platforms
  • Increase the overall trust in your company
  • Promotion by articles is one of the most effective and safe methods of promotion by obtaining natural links to your site.

Stages of promotion by articles

  • Preparation of the article

We will write a suitable article, with the entry of 3 keywords, having previously agreed the topic with you, and we will multiply the article – so that each unique version is sent to each catalog.

  • Preparation of the questionnaire

Next step: we make an article – put the links that will lead from the article to your site, and the tags for the correct display of the article in each catalog. Fill in the remaining fields of the questionnaire. We will coordinate everything.

  • Sending to directories

There are 150 article directories in our database. Of these, we will select catalogs that fit your site, and send each version of the article to the appropriate section of the catalog.

  • Report

We will generate a full detailed report. After 3 days, we process the received letters – some directories send a response about the successful or unsuccessful addition of the article.

Result Of Article Promotion

Links to your site will appear gradually and naturally in a period of up to 3 months – there will be no “link explosion”. After 1-2 months after our work, you will be able to evaluate the results.


  • Selection of 3 key phrases. Writing a unique article of 2000 characters
  • Preparation of the article for registration:
  • Arranging html-tags
  • Specifying links like <a href=””> anchor </a>
  • Reproduction of article for each catalog
  • Compiling 50+ alternative article titles
  • Selection of suitable catalogs
  • Submission of applications for articles in catalogs
  • Processing of received letters
  • Full report on the work done
  • Checking the positions of the keywords before and after the preliminary request
  • Send articles for placement on the sites in 5-7 working days
  • Additionally, we can agree on placing the article on local media resources, both printed and online.