Web Development
Web Development

We have excellent team of website development professionals who are experienced enough to develop websites of any complexity.

To create a website we need to do next steps:

Web development - the creation of technical specifications

The result of this stage is to develop a document that describes all aspects of the website : layout design elements, structure, navigation features, functionality and build the logic of each function.

Creating a website design (web-design)

This is a creative process, the result of which is to create a graphic image of the website. The layout is created by designers of our web-studio, that have art education as well as extensive experience of creating art projects.

Installing the content management system

Content management system lets you quickly find the pages and edit them in a convenient editor, import information from office applications such as MS Word directly into information blocks, change the structure, add new sections and subsections of the website, without the help of experts in programming, promptly upgrade site without stopping its work. Even company employees have the opportunity to update the information. We use content management system CMS, it is powerful, reliable product, time-tested, and a large number of customers use it.

Configuring and programming

The complex of works on the development website includes setting such standard features as website search, setting up navigation bars (site structure), information blocks, as well as additional modules. At this stage of the work we set or create a script (program codes) for website to function correctly.

Filling site information

Filling the website information is a process of creating the site structure, as well as input into the content area design layout of the website. This step is the input title, text, graphics entry, format tables and the meta tag filling. This procedure can be carried out independently by the client using the content management system CMS.

Related services when building a website

• Domain name registration;
• Hosting;
• Advertising and promotion of a your website.

Get full range of services for the creation and further support sites.



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