Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

There is a great number of businesses running in the UAE and Dubai, and it means that you cannot avoid a high competition.

SEO in Dubai

Business in the UAE can be more successful if it takes advantage of SEO. If your Dubai website is not visible in Google search results so it will be problematic for your potential customers to know about it. Using SEO you improve your chances to be seen and chosen. SEO uses a lot of technical elements, some simple of them are described below.

Dubai is an Arabic hub, it is clear that Arabic is the main language for search. It will be really effective for SEO in Dubai to use keywords in Arabic. English is also the most widespread language, besides it is business and trade language, tourists coming to Dubai speak in English. Other languages like Urdu, Farsi, and Hindi should be taken into account. Such variety of languages is an excellent chance to target a huge number of keywords related to your business in order to attract traffic. If your company is international and you want your site to be ranked in local results some keywords should be on pages of your site devoted to Dubai.

It often happens that many sites do everything right for staying in the high ranks of search page in Google, but in a short time their rank starts dropping to the bottom again. It means that visitors don’t find in your website what they’re looking for and leave it. So it’s necessary to think over website design, its content, and how it looks to visitors from Dubai.

Social media has a direct connection with SEO. Dubai is no different. Content of your website can be shared if it is popular on social media and to improve search engine rankings.

Local hosting will help increase local rankings for website. To make your website relevant is necessary to get links of local websites. Getting a .ae domain is not much important but results show that site which has a .ae domain gives more preferences in ranking.

If you are going to target Dubai with SEO efforts you can try other wealthy emirates like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm al Qaiwain, and Fujairah as well.

Before starting you should analyze some factors of your business to decide if it is worthwhile to invest SEO.

  • The services/products you sell have customers.
  • Your services/products can be sold in Dubai
  • Your investment will be warranted

Doing Dubai SEO you should avoid mistakes which can pull your website to the bottom of search results. To avoid such mistakes you can hire a professional SEO specialist that can optimize a site in the best way and give results.


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