Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

Actually the main task of Search Engine Marketing is to get the first online positions on the page of search results; 

SEM in Dubai

it is the marketing tool which promotes the sites by intensifying their exposure in search engine results. So SEM is a significant part of any online marketing plan. SEM consists of two elements: organic and paid. Both of them are essential.

As you can understand,"organic" SEM obtains natural ranking of a site in search engines and adds traffic to website.

The essential element of organic SEM is Search Engine Optimization. SEO uses techniques to make a site accessible to a search engine and increases the chance that the website will be found by the search engine.

SEM has a wider meaning than SEO, and it includes different services and functions which improve visibility and raise traffic to your website. You can have some difficulties in organic ranking at the beginning of SEM. This is really true if you have a lot of competitors in your kind of business. In this case you can try to invest paid SEM.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the most popular paid SEM. PPC advertisements are those which you see at the top of your search page with the note "ad" next to the link. Search engines like Google sell keywords to the best bidder. And the interesting thing about it is that you pay a fee only when your link is clicked.

Another part of paid SEM is Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM explores social media to inform buyers that some company provides valuable services or products. This includes advertisement banners on social sites such as Facebook or Youtube.

SEM strategy

While developing your search marketing strategy, you should determine which methods are the most proper for your sphere of business, your budget and timetable, and of course who your target customers are.

As every business is quite different Search Engine Marketing company develops a careful work of client’s requirements and market. The taken decisions are based on plans and targets. The wrong choice of SEM Company can result in loss of visibility and low ranking in search results. Only a highly qualified SEM consultant can prove that the results of their work are worth the cost of the service.



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