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Facebook Мarketing Dubai

Nowadays Facebook is taking the first positions among other social networks. It has about 1.5 billion users over the world and about 6 million users in the UAE. So almost 70% of population is on Facebook and the number of users is continually growing. Dubai and Abu Dhabi show the greatest quantity of Facebook users.…

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Search Engine Marketing in Dubai

Actually the main task of Search Engine Marketing is to get the first online positions on the page of search results; it is the marketing tool which promotes the sites by intensifying their exposure in search engine results. So SEM is a significant part of any online marketing plan. SEM consists of two elements: organic…

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Marketing Companies in Dubai

One day big or little business decides to enlarge its activity by online presence. But the website creation and filling up with content are not enough to ensure a high level of selling. It’s very important to promote your website and excel your competitors in site ranking. Not all companies can offer the effective online…

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Google AdWords Dubai

AdWords is an advertising method by Google which works on Pay Per Click basis. It gives opportunity for businesses to promote their brand or products and reach potential customers. Google AdWords is quite effective in Dubai, UAE, if you know how to use its advantages and turn profit. It has recommended itself as a trusted…

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SEO & SMM Marketing

If you have any kind of online business it’s just impossible for you to skip SEO. It is the most general buzz term in online marketing but unfortunately most specialists are not informed enough about SEO to make this strategy work for business and get desired results. So creating a successful SEO marketing strategy should…

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Branding Companies in Dubai

The idea of branding is to be recognized by people among other companies which offer similar kind of services or product. Brand represents the identity of the company in the market. Brand marketing has influence on the customer decision; the knowledge about company brand makes it easier for customer to decide about buying product or…

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